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Don't Track Your Links To Your Marketing Pages? You Have NO Way Of Knowing Where Your Leads & Sales Come From!

From The Desk Of: Stephen Brown
Subject: Making The Kind Of Money You Deserve

What do you think you would do if you knew that traffic from your Twitter account converted twice as good as any of your other traffic sources?

Do you think maybe you might concentrate a bit more on your Twitter account?

It's the kind of information every marketer needs, but very few
ever actually get.

So why is this so important?

If you're anything like the "average" marketer, you have multiple sources you use to generate traffic to your squeeze and sales

The traffic coming to your marketing pages might look something like this...
Unless you have a way to filter or track each traffic source you only see the end result.

You have no idea which traffic sources are providing you with conversions.

Or how many conversions each one contributes...

So, if you need to ramp things up, you don't know where to start.

Now, there's a better way, and I want to share it with you...

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WP Conversion Monitor


Track Unlimited Conversions On Pages Created In WordPress, HTML, And Most Page Builders From 1 Admin!

Track Links From Practically Any Page
*To Track Links You MUST Be Able To Add Code To Page Header*

Gives You Less To Worry About...

check No Monthly Fees

check No Complicated Or Confusing Admin Dashboard

check No Limits On The Number Of Links You Can Track

check No More Lost Commisions Because Of Link Tampering

check No Need To Master Any Technical Skills

Cloak Any Affiliate Link With WP Conversion Monitor In Just Seconds!

WP Conversion Monitor does more than just let you track conversions. WP Conversion Monitor also creates a "Pretty" or "Short" link allowing you to shorten long URLs, effectively hiding and protecting your affiliate links. This keeps people from stripping your affiliate info from the link and robbing you of deserved commissions.

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WP Conversion Monitor Developers License

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